Aluminum foam for oil tank truck body parts


Introduction of aluminum foam for oil tank truck body parts

Due to the flammable and explosive nature of oil, tank trucks transporting oil are prone to fire and explosion, resulting in extremely serious accidents. There are two main reasons for the explosion of the oil tanker: First, the oil is easy to generate electric charge during transportation. This electric charge needs to pass through the metal oil tank and then be transmitted to the earth through the iron chain connected to the ground on the oil tank. If the transmission is not smooth, the electric charge will be prone to explosion. Second, a traffic accident occurred, and the fuel tank was hit, causing the fuel to burn and explode.

The traditional oil tanker structure is an elliptical cylinder or a trapezoidal surface cylinder, which is made of high-quality steel plates. This design can only reduce the possibility of explosion, but the oil is still a very flammable and explosive substance. Post-explosion protective measures. As a new material, foamed aluminum is a flame retardant and energy-absorbing material with excellent properties. Using this material in the tank car body can maximize the flame retardant and absorb the impact of the oil tank body when the oil explodes. In addition, the Aluminum foam itself is a metal material, which has a certain strength and stiffness, and can also conduct the electric charge generated when the oil is impacted.


Design of aluminum foam for oil tank truck body parts

The explosion-proof design method of the oil tanker using aluminum foam, the body of the tanker is made of a composite structure composed of steel plates and aluminum foam. Combustion, explosion-proof energy absorption. The composite structure composed of the steel plate layer and the foamed aluminum layer can be multi-layered according to the requirements of the explosion-proof grade, and the superposition of the multi-layer steel plate layer and the foamed aluminum layer can increase the ability of flame retardant and explosion-proof. A layer of fire extinguishing device is arranged on the inner side of the outermost steel plate layer. If some flammable liquid breaks through the composite structure layer, it can still be extinguished by the fire extinguishing material in the fire extinguishing device layer. This is beneficial to protect the safety of surrounding people and other vehicles in the event of a tanker explosion. A foam aluminum explosion-proof panel is set between the fuel tank and the cockpit to minimize the danger to the driver. The new material of foam aluminum applied to the tank body of the tank truck can effectively improve the safety, environmental protection and energy saving of the tank truck.