Economic and comprehensive benefits of aluminum plate 5083 5052 5454 for tank trucks


  1. Multi-cargo benefits from weight reduction

The aluminum alloy tanker has light weight and large load capacity, which can carry more oil and obtain higher economic benefits. Regardless of the operating conditions, the operating income of aluminum alloy tankers is about 12% higher than that of carbon steel tankers.

  1. Light weight and lower fuel consumption

The aluminum alloy tanker is light in weight, can hold more refined oil when it is fully loaded, and can save fuel and reduce tire wear when it is empty. Higher gas bills and increased mileage will lead to more savings.

  1. The residual value of the tanker is higher

For example, the recycling price of aluminum alloy is about 15,000 yuan/ton, and the recycling price of carbon steel is only 2,000 yuan/ton. A scrapped 25,000-liter aluminum can be recovered more than 20,000 yuan more than a 25,000-liter steel can.

  1. Other Features

- Safer: The aluminum alloy tanker is 10%-15% lighter than the carbon steel tanker of the same volume. The lighter upper tank lowers the center of gravity of the whole vehicle and makes the vehicle run more smoothly; the lighter weight reduces tire wear and tire blowout when empty. The probability is greatly reduced; the aluminum alloy material has good electrical conductivity, static electricity is not easy to accumulate, and there will be no instantaneous discharge; when the vehicle collides or overturns, it may be necessary to drill to take oil, and the aluminum alloy will not generate sparks when drilling, eliminating the need for security risks.

- More durable: Aluminum alloy can form a dense aluminum oxide protective film on the surface, which can effectively prevent atmospheric and moisture erosion, so it has strong anti-oxidation ability, will not rust, and ensure that the oil transported is not polluted. Aluminum alloy tankers are also more durable than carbon steel tanks, with a service life of 15-20 years; aluminum alloy tankers will not corrode, and their appearance is easy to clean and beautiful, which can enhance the corporate image.

- More environmentally friendly: Aluminum alloy is easy to recycle. There is no difference in performance between the recycled aluminum alloy material and the original aluminum alloy material, and the repeated use reduces the damage to the environment and the loss of energy; the aluminum alloy tanker has light weight and increased payload, which can reduce the number of transportation; when empty Fuel consumption is reduced, fuel is saved, and various exhaust emissions can be reduced; the aluminum alloy can withstand the erosion of the atmosphere and moisture, and the surface does not need to be painted. It reduces the pollution of the carbon steel tank maintenance paint to the atmosphere during the production and spraying process.